HAPPY does not ask for customer's banking passwords/ Credit Card/ Debit Card/ UPI details on call, message, email or in any manner whatsoever. If you get any such fraudulent communication, please do not make the transaction and report SPAM at [email protected].

Our Mission

We are inspired because there are millions of people who need financial assistance and no one cares and understands. People need financial services for human mobility and economic growth, and this leads us to believe that there is an opportunity to disrupt on this new era of digital transformation of financial services and build and scale India's largest impact creator.



HAPPY's digital lending engine, has a multi - layered product structure that includes customer credit origination capabilities, advance multi category underwriting with risk profile enrichment tools and customer engagement frameworks to include repayments and sentiment predictability for businesses like POS, remittance, farming, transport, food and beverages, telecom and dairy.

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Customer Story

We dream of a world
where everyone is happy.

a world where dreams come first,
a world full of opportunities,
a world where everyone is empowered,
a world liberated by technology,
a world where money is available at the snap of a finger.

Guide To Being Happy

Lockdown Loan is a unique offer we are providing currently to help you grow your business during these tough times and also gives you a relief from the burden of any immediate repayment. Plus, a fully bundled in COVID protection insurance that will ensure a full loan cover in an unfortunate event of corona infection and you pay back the amount on 180th day i.e. after 6months. If tested positive for COVID-19 your loan will be waived off

Currently we are offering only Lockdown Loan which is of a fixed value only.

You need to repay 6 months after the loan disbursement.

We will reach out to you later with other loan offers after lockdown period is over.

We have certain parameters. Based on the amount of business you do with your merchant partner, we calculate your eligibility and the loan amount. Please write to us at [email protected] to check your eligibility.

1. PAN Card
2. Proof of address (Driving License/Voter Id/Passport)

Since we value our customers, we do not charge any late payment penalty. We only charge the interest for the period the loan is paid late. However incase that happens your credit history gets affected.

Sir, eNACH is the electronic process to authenticate your bank account by a test payment mode. You need to fill your bank account details and make a transaction of Rs.0; no money will be deducted from your account, but your account will be authenticated. This is a completely safe and trusted process with all the government and legal approval.