July 05, 2019


How a Business Loan Can Propel Your Kirana Store?

Running a kirana (or a local grocery store) can be a challenging and expensive task, especially when you are running on a tight budget. It is thus advisable to take financial assistance to keep your cash flow intact and ensure smooth functioning of your store.

Here is how a business loan can help you.

Stocking up Your Inventory

An optimally stocked inventory is an important asset of your kirana store. Whether its longer shelf-life items like grains or perishables like milk products, vegetables, etc. you would not want to risk an empty inventory and in turn, bad reputation which can turn your customers away.

Also, during the peak season like Diwali, you would want to stock gift items, sweets, and savories, etc. to meet customer demands and make the most out of the festival period.

A business loan can ensure cash-in-hand to for a fully stocked inventory to meet day to day needs and support your business in the boom time.

Kirana Store Equipment

Even if you have a fully stocked inventory, maintaining it and ensuring items retain their quality will need grocery store equipment like refrigerator for perishables, retail shelves to keep products on display, dry storage shelves for back-stock, slicers, packages, scales, etc.

If you have a number of employees to help you in day to day activities or are a walk in store for your customers, you might need air-conditioners as well as CCTV cameras.

Business loans can help finance store equipment purchase for smooth and efficient functioning of your store. 

Operating Costs

Every business has operating costs and so does your ‘kirana’ store. You will have to foot electricity bills, maintain cash registers, employee salaries, taxes, etc.

You will also have to factor in transportation costs, which are dynamic and can severely impact your monthly budget.

And if you are a store owner who likes to keep up with the latest technology trends, you would probably want to digitize your operations like software for cash, inventory and order management.

Advertising your latest offers and promoting your store locally, also needs investment.

Financial assistance can help you plan your operations and market your ‘kirana’ store better to drive business and profits.

Customer Experience

The biggest competition ‘kirana’ stores face is from online stores that deliver groceries at the tap of a button and huge discounts that make it simple and economical for the customers to shop without having to make a trip to a local store.

As a kirana shop owner, you have to understand that it is the customer experience that will help you retain your customers and attract new ones. As a neighborhood store, you know your customers better and understand their needs. For instance, it is only you who have data on the brand of ‘atta’ a particular household consumes or their day to day dairy and bread needs. You can tap into this knowledge and offer credit to your customers or discounts on recurring or bulk purchases to ensure customers stick to you.

You can also start using technology like your ‘kirana’ app to ease ordering and delivery for your customers.

Business loans can help you keep your customers HAPPY and boost your margins and stay ahead in the competition.

We at HAPPY offer easy and instant loans to help you manage your cash flow and working capital better, without the hassle of multiple visits and tedious paperwork. So if you want to digitize or revamp your ‘kirana’ shop, open up a new store, or manage your day to day business needs, reach out to us and we will be HAPPY to serve you.


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